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© Ben Baker

Congratulations !

If you are here it means that a wonderful moment is about to happen ... Thank you for thinking of us to plan your event (engagement, wedding & baby party). You are in the right place, we are here for YOU.

L & C

“A little message to thank you from the bottom of my heart for these many months of collaboration, as well as for your presence, support, wishes on our big day!
It was a wonderful day thanks to you.”

From A to Z

Each wedding is unique and as your Wedding Planner we will be by your side to create together the day of your dreams.


Bringing your personality and universe through the creation of your wedding decoration according to your desires and always in sync with your theme is our goal when you hire us to help you plan your wedding.

And finally the big day, the day when we will be there to allow you to fully enjoy your wedding.

Destination Wedding

Whatever your country, we create your wedding according to your vision.

As destination wedding specialists, we love to create that unique atmosphere to make your wedding unique and truly yours.

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